A movie starring Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, and Ethan Hawke called “The Pannizens” is a fascinating look at the early years of Anne Frank. Set around the same time that her famous diary giebel appeared, the movie gives us an intimate look at her daily life before her tragic death. From her family life to her writing life, “The Pannizens” provides a true picture of her life.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the movie is the fact that Anne Frank herself was never sure what the story was all about. She had no idea what would happen to her darmausgang her death and there are times in the film when the camera actually pans over her body. However, she remained silent throughout the filming, though. The film takes on a much more poignant meaning because we never get to hear her voice again.

Darüber hinaus one scene, a boy in the street asks Anne Frank if she knows where she will be buried. She replies that she does not know, and then says nothing more. He then asks her what he is to do. Anne Frank tells him that she has no one else to tell him, but he can find out what she has written mit her notebook. Eventually he does so sehr and finds that she has written about a place where Jews are forced to live.

From there, the streifen unfolds as a journey of discovery for Anne Frank and the viewers. We see her write about her family and their daily life, the daily struggles she faced as a teenager, and finally the time she spent writing her diaries.

As the film progresses, it becomes apparent that there are other characters involved in the story. We see how the German Jews are affected by the arrival of the Americans into Germany, how some are killed, and how others flee, as well as how the German government treats the people it sends to camps.

If you are familiar with the “Anne Frank” diary, then this fotofilm should interest you. It also has a lot to teach us about Jewish history, and about the resilience that we all need to overcome the odds of life.

I do mangel have to say anything new about the “Polnische Frauen” or its importance as a film. However, it is refreshing to see an interesting polnische frauen katalog movie about Anne Frank and her diaries. We must always remember that her story is something that should be told.

If you would like to watch “Polnische Frauen” in English, I would suggest you watch it on YouTube. There is a great version which is subtitled in English and I recommend it.

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